360 Degree Bucket Spin Mop with 1 Extra Micro Fiber Refill Mop


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Total clean spin mop has a micro fiber cleaning system that works great for dry and wet cleaning. First use dry mop to pick up hair, lint and dusts then use damp mop for thorough cleaning. Convenient standee mop for standing and cleaning. No need to dip your hands in dirty water 360 degree rotating mop to clean and wring. Even mop head disengages with your foot so no need to touch dirty mop. Extendable handle cleans easily under furniture and other hard to reach places. 45 to 180 degree adjustable handle for most comfortable mopping position. Convenient wringing operation, no back breaking manual wringing required. Mop head made of super absorbent branded strands. Cleans liquid, oil and dust, easy to store, use and carry. Handle lock for height adjustment. After unpacking, kindly read the assembly and usage instructions mentioned on the box. Plastic bucket, with stainless steel mop rod and microfiber refil