00 Mop with Bucket Hands-Free Microfiber Flat Spin Mop System 360° Flexible Head (38X12.5 cm) Mop with 2 Microfiber Pads, Stainless Steel Handle Mop


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ABS Flat Mop Microfiber Cleaning Technology : Durable, Super Water Absorbency, Non-Abrasive, Lint Free, Larger Surface Area Extendable handle – Adjust the handle to your height Auto-alignment of the plate and refill with handle – Hands-free and clean Usage – Wet & Dry Both a) Dry: Attracts and holds dirt, dust, and hair b) Wet: Cleans effectively without chemicals also (Water) Cleans – Liquid, oil, dust, hair & bacteria Flat shape & 360° movement – Nook & corner cleaning Multipurpose use – Floor, ceiling, fans & glasses Safe on all surfaces User-friendly – Easy to remove, wash, dry & reinstate the refill/change worn out a refill Lightweight, sleek look & easy to store Minimum efforts no spinning technology keep your home or office squeaky clean with Actionware Smart Flat Mop. The microfiber cloth has superior water absorbency and additionally, it is non-abrasive and lint-free. The mop covers a large surface area effortlessly and the 360-degree mop handle makes it easy for you to reach the corners of your room. Complete Dryness Control Simply insert the flat mop into the wash side to rinse the mop pad of dirt and debris. Repeat the same motion on the dry side to achieve the perfect dampness for wet mopping. Attached lid does all the hands-free cleaning for you while preventing splashes.