Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cookware Set with Lid | Tope with lid | Patila | Tapeli | Kitchen Cooking and Serving Bowl | Dining Set | Pot Sets (Silver)(5 Piece Tope with 5 Piece Lid)


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  • Premium quality mirror finish stainless steel tope / cooking pot with copper bottom for kitchen. Export Quality Stainless Steel making the utensils highly durable, long lasting, rust free.
  • Ideal for daily use. Energy Efficient. Heats evenly and cooks faster. Can also be used for storing milk, tea, vegetable curries etc.
  • Compact size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. When not in use, stack the smaller container inside bigger containers saving storage space. Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Set contains collection of tope / vessels of various sizes, hence taking care of all your kitchen needs.
  • Sturdy utensils with capacities of 1000 ML 1500 ML 2000 ML 2500 ML 3000 ML

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