Gujrat Pakistan Se Gujrat Hindustan by Krishna Sobti


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Why remember that violent and cruel chapter of bloodied history and forget it! After centuries, the freedom that emerged in the country was beating in every Indian heart. This powerful legacy was divided by political powers to create a new geography and history of the country. New borders were drawn. Trains filled with corpses running across borders were parked in the dark outside the stations. Thousands of thousands of convoys got lost in their own footsteps and got lost in the dust of nameless silence. Yet the throbbing feeling in every Indian was that ‘freedom’ in the darkness of Partition was a sacred word – a symbol of our national identity and identity.

About the Author

Krishna Sobti is known for her restrained expression and tidy creativity, with a reliable presence of Hindi at the crossroads of Indian literature. She considers writing less as her introduction, which can be explained in such a way that her ‘writing less’ is actually writing ‘specific’.

In an era, there are only one or two writers in any language whose creations appear like phenomena in literature and society and continuously reassure an enlightened readership for their emotional energy and artistic stimulation.

Krishna Sobti has transcended her abilities with every new work in her long literary journey. Published as a special work in ‘Nikesh’ from ‘Dar to Bichhudi’ to ‘Mitro Marjani’, ‘Yaar Ke Yaar’, ‘Tin Pahar’, ‘Clouds of Circles’,’ Sunflower Darkness’, ‘Zindaginama’, ‘ Aye Girl ‘,’ Dilo-Danish ‘,’ Hum Hashmat ‘,’ Samay Sargam ‘,’ In the light of words’, ‘Jeannie Meherban Singh’, ‘Sobti-Vaid Dialogues’, and’ Ladakh: Buddha’s Kamandal ‘ The intellectual stimulation, critical discourse, social and ethical debates that creativity has created in the literary world have remained equal among the readers.

Krishna Sobti has given a unique refreshment to the Hindi-language language. The density, liveliness and communicativeness of their language-rites have illuminated many intriguing truths of our times. His intense sensuality, carving and writing identity of the world has attracted a large readership. Surely Krishna Sobti has created a new confidence in the readers about the modern writing of Hindi. Has influenced and inspired his contemporaries and subsequent generations for human freedom and moral liberation. Conscious of self and conscious of society.

In addition to the Sahitya Akademi Award and its greater membership, Krishna Sobti, who has been honored with numerous national awards and adornments, considers herself a small pen in the dignity of ordinaryness in the totality of literature. Time-long writing should be much larger than such writing: like every faithful person who lives and understands literature, this serene and ruthless truth is always exposed to them.

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