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Azadi — the slogan of the struggle for independence in Kashmir, whereby Kashmiris oppose what they see as Indian occupation. Ironically, it has also become the slogan of millions of people protesting the project of Hindu nationalism on the streets of India. What is the difference between these two calls of freedom – is it a rift or a bridge? The time had come to look at the answer to this question that the roads had become silent. Not only India, the roads of the whole world. Another understanding of the freedom that came with Kovid-19, which was dreadful. This made the borders between the countries redundant, imprisoned all the populations and brought the modern world to a standstill as never seen before. In these thrilling articles, Arundhati Roy challenges us to look at the ways of freedom in the era of increasing dictatorship in the world. In these articles, our restless times have spoken about private and public tongues, talked about the need for kissing and new dreams. According to Roy, the epidemic is the threshold of a new world. While this epidemic has brought diseases and devastation today, it is also a feast for a new kind of humanity. This is an opportunity for us to dream of a new world. In today’s time when the politics of dividing society and hate politics is getting stronger, the writer considers how important is the role of xisago and language. A special part of the book is about the new citizenship law (CAA) and the NPR-NCR, and also about the movements against them. The author has tried to look at the meaning and impact of the corona epidemic in this politics and divided society. As a novelist, the author has written in detail on the process of thinking and writing both of her novels. Also have a look at his work as an essay writer. Translation is as if the book was originally written in Hindi.
About the Author
Arundhati Roy has studied architecture. You are the author of The God of Small Thighs — for which you received the 1997 Booker Prize — and The Ministry of Almost Happiness. Both these novels have been translated into many languages ​​worldwide. Your books have been published by the God of trivia, the house of immense happiness, Bennah Shadmani’s Mamlikat (in Urdu), Mathematics of Justice, Ahat Desh, Bhumkal: Democracy in the Comrade, Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant Rajkamal Publications . My Cedacious Heart is a compilation of your entire non-fiction works. He is honored with the 2002 Lanan Cultural Freedom Award, the 2015 Ambedkar Sudar Award and the Mahatma Jotiba Phule Award. Reyazul Haque by Bertolt Brecht and Dr. B.R. Have done research on Ambedkar’s theology and are currently working on cinema. A journalist and editor in magazines and publications, Reyazul Haq has translated the books of Arundhati Roy, Anand Teltumbde, Eduardo Galleano, Khalid Hussaini, Ngugi wa Thyongo, Pablo Neruda and Bertolt Brecht.

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