Aseem Anand ki Aur by Sister Shivani


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The reason for the lack of bliss in the world towards infinite bliss – dependence. Happiness does not mean that we can depend on some ‘object’ or ‘person’ or find it in some ‘place’. We can find everything in our life. In the name of arranging, we go on constantly postponing our happiness. Happiness is possible only if we accept each person in every moment and situation as they are. This would mean that we should try to test others. Or the habit of resisting them has to be stopped. Happiness or bliss means being awake to our obligation and accepting it. When we choose the feelings and thoughts associated with our true existence of purity, peace and love. As everything changes: instead of asking others, we start sharing with them; Instead of collecting, they learn to sacrifice; Acceptance seems to be sheltered in place of expectations; Leaving the past and the past, we live in the present. We can live a life full of happiness, contentment and ecstasy because we have the choice and the power to choose. Happiness is a decision. Has become a well-known name in the whole world. Its more than 2000 episodes provide insight into why we think and behave in a certain way. This program takes you on the path of self-transformation. With this, viewers are recovering from mental stress, depression addictions, loss of soul-esteem and painful relationships and are making themselves as resilient as they would have never thought.
About the Author
BK Sister Shivani has been a practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation of Brahmakumarias since 1996 and has studied engineering. They offer a logical but easy way to embrace spirituality in daily life. She travels around the world sharing her intelligent thoughts on topics like meditation, emotional well-being, relationships and leadership. She has been awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar by the Government of India in March 2019 for the change in human behavior. He has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association. Suresh Oberoi is an internationally acclaimed film actor who has more than 250 films on his account. He has excelled in all media streams and received the National Film Award in 1972. They have a special interest in exploring spirituality and are promoting it through various mediums. With a keen desire to reach out to the world, he has started many humanitarian programs. He has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador by the same World Psychiatric Association.

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Publisher : Manjul Publishing House
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