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‘Aadha Village’ is a wonderful novel in terms of language, craft, narrative and narrative … The first Hindi novel which gives a clear and accurate pronunciation of the moods of Shia Muslims during the Partition of India. These moods have been carved keeping the village of Gangauli in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh in the center. Written in the perspective of 1947, this novel has a strong attack against communalism. This attack becomes a proof of creative writing and stands in favor of nationalism. In this novel, there is a writerly concern that if Gangauli is less visible and Shia, Sunni and Hindus become more visible then what will happen to Gangauli? This is the special concern that makes this novel unique, because there is a possibility of accepting Gangauli as India, where people of diverse religions live… When this question arises from Gangoli, in the context of India, this The context of nationality inherent in the novel becomes widespread. Dynamic creative zonal language aesthetics, vibrant depiction of cultural environment, easy-to-pronounce dialogues are the hallmarks of this novel that gives ‘Aadha Village’ a special status in Hindi novels.
About the Author
Rahi Masoom Raza , Born: 1 September 1925. Birthplace: Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh). Elementary education there, at the latter’s Aligarh University. Ph.D. on ‘Indian personality of Urdu literature’ from Aligarh University itself. Beginning of earning a living after teaching at Aligarh University after completion of studies. He taught Urdu-literature for many years. Later went to Bombay for film-writing. Try hard to live and be a partial success. Equally creative writing in Hindi-Urdu along with writing in films. Film writing, like many writers, was not considered ‘substandard work’ but ‘semi-creative’ work. B.R. Admired as the screenplay and dialogue writer of the important Doordarshan serial ‘Mahabharata’, directed by Chopra. A poet-storyteller for whom Indianism was synonymous with maniyat. Published Books: Half Village, Topi Shukla, Himmat Jaunpuri, Dew Ki Boond, Dil Ek Saad Paper, Katra B Azur, Days of Discontent, Neem Tree, Business Tamanna, Qayamat (Hindi novel); Siva (Urdu novel) of Muhabbat; I am a hawker (Hindi poetry collection); New Year, Mauje-Gul: Mauje Saba, Rakse-Maye, Stranger City: Stranger Pathways (Urdu poetry collection); Eighteen hundred seventy-nine (Hindi-Urdu epic) and big story (biography) of little man.

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Publisher : Rajkamal Prakashan
Language : Hindi
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ISBN-10 : 8126715022
ISBN-13 : 9788126715022
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Country of Origin : India
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